It typically takes one week for the receipts to be approved and paid. If there is another issue with your receipt, you will receive an email with the reason and will be allowed to re-submit your receipt.
Generally, if there is a problem receiving your payments, this is most likely linked with your payout account. There are 3 possible reasons as to why you have not received an expected transfer to your PayPal or Venmo  account:
  1. Your Paypal/Venmo account is no longer active: the activation procedure is specific to PayPal/Venmo and requires action on your part, without which you cannot receive your cash back. It is recommended that you check the account settings on PayPal/Venmo to set up your account! Further advice can be found here:  



  2. You may have mistyped your PayPal email address in the application, so it was sent to the wrong one. Please check your app settings by going to your Profile and then “Preferences" to find the "Payment Method” tab, and make sure all details are correct.

  3. There may be something wrong with your PayPal or Venmo account;. It can happen sometimes, and it is unrelated to Shopmium. In this case, you will need to contact PayPal/Venmo or log onto their website to deal with the issue.  


Please check if any of the 3 situations above applies to you. Otherwise, use the Submit a request link in the app to request support and we will do our best to help you.