With Shopmium, and in addition to the main cashback offers, you can also earn some credits !
We reward your level of activity in our app and you can receive Shopmium credits for many reasons: if you refer a friend,  if you complete one of our in app competitions, if you take part in our loyalty program etc
Your Shopmium credits are not paid to you directly, they are used to top up your own cashback requests. So you will need to claim at least one cashback request in order to use your credits.

For example:
- Say you have £5 of credits
- You buy a £3 drink and then request your cashback from the corresponding £1 off offer
- Your entitled cashback should be of £1, but we are adding an extra £2 from your credits so that you get 100% of your money back for this purchase
- Your total cashback for this request will be of £3 (i.e. you get the product for free!) and your credits balance will then be £3 (£5-£2).
Here is an illustration for better understanding

In a nutshell, we are rewarding your loyalty to our app by using your credits to top up our offers, so that the products you purchase will be free or a lot cheaper until your credits run out.

Please note your credits will never be used for "try for free" offers, as there is not cashback to complete in this case :)
Important info : On the first of the month, the credit balance of users who have not made any refund request on the Shopmium application or website for three months (3 months) or more, are set to zero.