Yes Shopmium works with both in-store and online purchases! The offers we have in the app are redeemable in every retailer specified under each product's offer details. This includes their online or click and collect services.

If you choose online or click and collect services, you will have to upload your digital receipt and provide the same required information as when you shop in your supermarket:
- Store name
- Name of product and its price, including VAT
- Total amount of your order
- Date and time of the order

Important Note! The best and quickest way to do it is to upload the PDF of your digital receipt.
Alternatively you can take several screenshots of your screen or print out your digital receipt and take pictures but processing time might be longer (please do not photograph your computer screen with your phone because the quality won't be good enough)

Please note that an order confirmation is not a receipt, we need the full receipt because it proves that your order has been paid and received. Your cashback request will be accepted if you meet all the requirements mentioned above.