The Shopmium Club rewards our most loyal users! The more you use our app, the more exclusive rewards you will get.
How to unlock a new status?
You can visit the "my profile" page and "Shopmium Club" section to know more about the actions you need to take.
To move up to the Silver level you must:
- Discover an offer
- Add an offer to your favourites
- Check the barcode of a product
- Request a cashback.
Once you reach the Silver status, it is permanent.
To move up to the Gold level you must:
- Request 10 cashbacks
- Share your referral code
To keep your Gold status, you need to do at least 1 cashback request every 30 days or you will lose it and get back to Silver and will have to do the previous steps again.
Keep in mind that only the cashback requests made with the Shopmium mobile application will count towards status acquisition. If you use the website it won't contribute!