If your cashback request hasn't been approved yet and if you have received a message from us saying we need more details it is likely because the pictures you have provided are missing some relevant information needed to process your claim.

Please make sure the receipt pictures contains all the following:
- Store name
- Name of product and its price, including VAT
- Total amount of your order
- Date and time of the order

If the receipt is too long, you can take several pictures. When you are claiming your cashback and upload your first picture, just click on the big "plus" button to "Add another picture", or swipe up on the first picture you just took. You can add as many pictures as you want.

Once your claim is submitted, you can always go back to the "My Purchases" page, click on a specific submission and choose to add additional pictures or proof of payment if needed!

Remember that Shopmium also works with online groceries, so if you have made an online order, the best and quickest way to do it is to upload the PDF of your digital receipt.

For more information about digital receipt submission please read this article